Organic shapes 

Nowadays the work is subtle in nature, with a focus on organic shapes and soft color tones in which the female face is still regularly part of the whole. Based on her three pillars Coincidence, Technique and Time, she tries to re-create the beauty of man and nature. During the process, she reveils her personal signature by releasing all her feelings and emotions.

Experimental working method 

The mysterious atmosphere and her passion for detail continue to characterize her work, just like her experimental working method. By constantly reinventing what fascinates her, she acquires new insights which results in modest creations. 

Iris also likes to change surfaces for her paintings: this can be a wooden panel, linen or a metal plate of copper or aluminum. 

Her work is purchased both nationally and internationally.

Contact via mail of telefoon    |    +31 (0)6 13491883

Take a look at my YouTube channel. Here you can find several paintings in which I show the proces.